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Cricut Womens V Neck T-shirt – Medium Price

Cricut Womens V Neck T-shirt - Medium


Short description: Cricut Womens V Neck T-shirt – Medium :

Cricut Womens V Optimized for Infusible Ink transfers. Let this sharp white womens V-neck T-shirt be the blank canvas that inspires your next creative project. Use this compatible Infusible Ink™ blank as your base for vibrant pro-quality heat transfers that last a lifetime! Unlike iron-on heat transfers or heat-transfer vinyl that adheres to your projects surface Infusible Ink designs be one with your compatible material resulting in rich full-color transfers without edges or seams. Get a smooth durable premium finish thats always flake-proof peel-proof and wash-proof. Personalize and customize any compatible Infusible Ink blank with your name your favorite logo or an inspirational phrase that speaks to you. Youve never done DIY like this before. Rmended for use with Cricut EasyPress™ household iron or any heat press. How it works: 1. Choose your materials. Select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or Infusible Ink Pens and Markers and a compatible Cricut blank. 2. Make your design. Cut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or draw with Infusible Ink Pens and Markers using laser copy paper.* 3. Apply heat. Transfer design with Cricut EasyPress (or heat press that reaches 400°F (205°C)). Can I use generic blanks for my Infusible Ink projects? We took incredible measures perfecting our formula ensuring that Cricut blanks give you the results we promise with Infusible Ink: vivid vibrant seamlessly smooth and truly permanent heat transfers. If you use blanks that do not bear the Infusible Ink compatibility badge here’s what you’re likely to notice: • Less vibrancy and sharpness. Incompatible blanks will not give you the vivid and vibrant colors you should expect from Infusible Ink products. • Decreased colorfastness/fading. Infusible Ink designs that get transferred to generic base materials will quickly fade and dull with each wash and/or over time. • Imperfections. Incompatible blanks are likely to pill dimple and pucker causing transfers with undesirable imperfections. *Designs created with Infusible Ink Pens and Markers require Heat Resistant Tape. Size: Medium. Cricut Womens V Neck T-shirt – Medium