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Gods New Israel – by Conrad Cherry (Paperback) Best

Gods New Israel - by Conrad Cherry (Paperback)


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Gods New Israel The belief that America has been providentially chosen for a special destiny has deep roots in the countrys past. As both a stimulus of creative American energy and a source of American self-righteousness this notion has long served as a motivating national mythology. Gods New Israel is a collection of thirty-one readings that trace the theme of American destiny under God through major developments in U.S. history. First published in 1971 and now thoroughly updated to reflect contemporary events it features the words of such prominent and diverse Americans as Jonathan Edwards Thomas Jefferson Brigham Young Chief Seattle Abraham Lincoln Frances Willard Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X Ralph Reed and Rosemary Radford Ruether. Neither a history of American religious denominations nor a history of American theology this book is instead an illuminating look at how religion has helped shape Americans understanding of themselves as a people. Gods New Israel – by Conrad Cherry