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Neon Wasteland - by Susan Dewey (Paperback)


Short description: Neon Wasteland – by Susan Dewey (Paperback) :

Neon Wasteland – This path-breaking book examines the lives of five topless dancers in the economically devastated rust belt of upstate New York. With insight and empathy Susan Dewey shows how these women negotiate their lives as parents employees and family members while working in a profession widely regarded as incompatible with motherhood and fidelity. Neither disparaging nor romanticizing her subjects Dewey investigates the complicated dynamic of performance resilience economic need and emotional vulnerability that comprises the life of a stripper. An accessibly written text that uses academic theories and methods to make sense of feminized labor Neon Wasteland shows that sex work is part of the learned process by which some women come to believe that their self-esteem material worth and possibilities for life improvement are invested in their bodies. Neon Wasteland – by Susan Dewey (Paperback)