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Singing Out Loud - by Marilee Eaves (Paperback)


Short description: Singing Out Loud – by Marilee Eaves :

Singing Out Loud Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of Mardi Gras–both literally and figuratively? Heres the answer from a true New Orleans insider. Eavess lively account of how she survived carnival culture plus her own mental challenges makes for an entertaining and inspirational read. –Cokie Roberts author and journalist Marilee Eaves hooks us from the very first paragraph in this captivating autobiographical tale of growing up in–and breaking with the tradition of–an old powerful and wealthy Louisiana family. Told to the reader as though were dear friends sitting over tea . . . or cocktails . . . we are gifted with a series of colorful and vulnerable stories. If youre interested in being entertained by a truly gifted writer I rmend that you buy this book and get ready for a good read! –Maria Nemeth PhD MCC author of The Energy of Money and Mastering Lifes Energies Marilee Eaves writes with grace generosity and well-earned insight as she delves into the arcane customs of mid-century Uptown New Orleans carnival society. The heroine of this story finds her way from the smothering expectations cloaked as privilege of her time and her gender. Despite the painful detours she eventually steps into the full light of her own powers with the surprising help of her boxing coach. By the end of the book we are cheering for her victory. –Constance Adler author of My Bayou: New Orleans Through the Eyes of a Lover A fascinating journey into an exotic world that although glamorous and luxurious exacts a high price from the narrator. Beginning with a close-up Eaves expertly pulls back to reveal the insidious sexism and racism that affects and infects everyone even the privileged. Her unique experience of overcoming a repressive upbringing and mental illness rendered in vivid detail bes universal. I highly rmend that you take this wild ride! –Jean Kilbourne Senior Scholar Wellesley Centers for Women Singing Out Loud – by Marilee Eaves