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Supermoney – (Wiley Investment Classics (Paperback)) by Adam Smith (Paperback) Coupons

Supermoney - (Wiley Investment Classics (Paperback)) by Adam Smith (Paperback)


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Supermoney – (Wiley Adam Smith continues to dazzle and sparkle! With the passage of time Supermoney has if anything added to its power to inspire arouse provoke motivate inform illuminate entertain and guide a whole new generation of readers while marvelously reprising the global money show for earlier fans. -David M. Darst author of The Art of Asset Allocation Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist Morgan Stanley Individual Investor Group Nobody has written about the craft of money management with more insight humor and understanding than Adam Smith. Over the years he has consistently separated wisdom from whimsy brilliance from bluster and character from chicanery. -Byron R. Wien coauthor of Soros on Soros Chief Investment Strategist Pequot Capital Management Supermoney may be even more relevant today than when it was first published nearly twenty-five years ago. Written in the bright and funny style that became Adam Smiths trademark this book gives a view inside institutions professionals and the nature of markets that has rarely been shown before or since. Adam Smith was the first to introduce an obscure fund manager in Omaha Nebraska named Warren Buffett. In this new edition Smith provides a fresh perspective in an updated Preface that contextualizes the applicability of the markets of the 1960s and 1970s to todays markets. Things change but sometimes the more they change the more they stay the same. Supermoney – (Wiley Investment Classics (Paperback)) by