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The Super Woman Journal – by Nicole Lapin (Hardcover) Compare

The Super Woman Journal - by Nicole Lapin (Hardcover)


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The Super Woman In Bing Super Woman bestselling author Nicole Lapin got real about burnout balance and having it all and laid out a simple plan for bing your own hero. The Bing Super Woman Journal is your daily guide to putting that plan into action and achieving success while living a healthier happier more meaningful life. Super Simple. Daily layouts with clear prompts make it possible to plan and reflect in only a few minutes in the morning and at night. This may be the one planner and journal youll actually keep up with–but the undated format means that if you do miss a day there are no wasted pages (and no guilt). Super Focused. A space to set aside you-time keeps Emotional Wellness at the top of your priorities. Side-by-side goals and a task list help you focus on whats important not just whats first in your inbox. An at-a-glance timeline and pie chart to shade at the end of the day let you see in clear graphic form how youre spending your time and energy. Super Inspiring. Bonus Bing Super Woman content guides you in discovering what you really want and making a plan to achieve it. Daily quotes give you a dose of motivation while the prompts build accountability and confidence: Set a priority for the day to remind you of where youre heading; later record your accomplishments and reflect on what youre grateful for to remind you of how far youve come. Super Smart. Based on the latest research in positive psychology and productivity the Bing Super Woman Journal helps you develop your emotional intelligence and safeguard your mental wellness while blazing a path to the top. Start working smart and living well–up up and away Super Woman! The Super Woman Journal – by Nicole