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Transforming While Performing – by Andres Angelani (Paperback) Top

Transforming While Performing - by Andres Angelani (Paperback)


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Transforming While Performing Every established organization confronts the digital transformation imperative; yet the road ahead is perilous. In Transforming While Performing–the title clearly specifies the challenge–Andres Angelani shares crucial lessons for how to navigate into the future: building strategic partnerships developing internal competencies and building a culture of innovation. –Vijay Gurbaxani Director Center for Digital Transformation and Taco Bell Endowed Professor of Information Systems and Computer Science at the University of California Irvine Paul Merage School of Business The rapid development of global technology has revolutionized the way businesses and their customers interact. Companies must constantly strive to remain agile and adapt their practices and strategies to stay on the cutting edge of the new digital marketplace. Connecting with customers more quickly more efficiently and more personally is essential to doing business in the modern world–and undergoing a digital transformation is the key to achieving those goals. Transforming While Performing will provide you with a roadmap for how to most effectively execute a digital transformation that prioritizes the customer nurtures a culture of innovation and lays the foundation for mutually productive partnerships. Entering the digital world doesnt need to be a complicated or painful experience for your business–with the strategies outlined in this book you will be able to harness the opportunities presented by the transformation process to maximize the potential of your company and position yourself at the forefront of the new digital and globalized technology age. Transforming While Performing – by Andres Angelani