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Wine and Place – by Tim Patterson & John Buechsenstein (Hardcover) Price

Wine and Place - by Tim Patterson & John Buechsenstein (Hardcover)


Short description: Wine and Place – by Tim Patterson :

Wine and Place For me the construct of terroir has always been the big pumping heartbeat of wine. Unhinged from it wine would be dead–a hollow shell emotionally and intellectually. And yet do any of us spend enough time thinking about terroir the very lifeblood of what we love? With Wine and Place Tim Patterson and John Buechsenstein have given us a great gift–a fantastic book that explains why wine moves us and reminds us why wine has meaning. I could not put this book down.–Karen MacNeil author of The Wine Bible and editor of WineSpeed Wines magic appears to be closely tied to its place of birth. In this tasty volume the subject inspires passionate writing from some of the best of our wine writers.–Kermit Lynch author of Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyers Tour of France Patterson and Buechsensteins book presents a detailed compilation of some of the finest writing on terroir the concept thats at the heart of fine wine. As such its a vital distillation of thinking on this important topic thoughtfully arranged and interestingly presented. Its an important contribution to the wine literature.–Jamie Goode author of I Taste Red: The Science of Tasting Wine What a bonus to find a book about the taste of place compiled by two actual winemakers–Buechsenstein an accomplished professional and Patterson a passionate amateur–who made wines from scores of different terroirs in their careers. This scholarly and often witty compilation of viewpoints is the best there is.–Jim Gordon editor of Wines and Vines Where something comes from is always intriguing. With wine all the more so. Finding words to describe all that goes into that elusive bugaboo terroir is tough. Patterson and Buechenstein have worked every angle to help us understand–and hey any book that includes magma is worth ones time. Site matters.–Virginie Boone contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast I am so sad that I did not have hours and days and years to spend with Tim Patterson talking about the subject dearest to us both the mysterious vexatious question of terroir. Thankfully he–along with coauthor John Buechsenstein–has left us Wine and Place. This is a must-have volume for both terroirists and counter-terroirists alike curious to understand how a wine might most profoundly express itself.–Randall Grahm author of Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vinthology In their chosen roles as compilers and contrarians the experts behind Wine and Place have initiated a crucial dialogue about terroir. They have assembled with erudition and wit the perspectives of scholars journalists and winemakers and they have created fruitful and engaging juxtapositions as to the definition the construction the meaning the analysis and the power of terroir. Everyone will learn something new from wine aficionados to scientists to students of wine history and culture.–Amy Trubek author of The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey into Terroir Wine and Place – by Tim Patterson